Nothing lasts forever, not even in the kitchen

Well, that is like stating the obvious, because if your food is just so darn good, there won’t be any leftovers now, will there. But the point is great memories have all been created from the dedication and love that is poured out in the kitchen. And it has been many self-starters’ dreams to have their own catering business. They are not so much thinking about how much money they can be making in this business – yes, there are those possibilities – but more about how they can extend their love for food to others.

Whether a cordon bleu chef or enterprising caterer, nothing pleases the food industrialist more when the results are pleasing to their clientele. About the best evidence of this is to show that there is nothing left on the plates, not a morsel of gravy nor a crumb of toasted garlic bread. The events and occasions to which caterers and restaurateurs pander are, unfortunately, only temporary. But it is hoped that a wedding banquet celebrates the first and only marriage of the happy couple, always and forever together.

So, while the wedding reception will have to be enjoyed in memories, the marriage can last a lifetime. Many young startups don’t get very far in the catering business because of its highly competitive nature and the overwhelming costs involved. But today there are enough support mechanisms in place to help out in the kitchen if you will. For instance, a business developer can go in for temporary commercial kitchen rental in order to cater for large numbers instead of being saddled with the logistics of finding a suitable, but expensive fixed kitchen alongside the banqueting hall.

It may be temporary for now, but this practice could be endured profitably.