What to do about those birds in your chimney

Most of you have them. You are living in a freestanding house, and each house is fitted with one. Even if you are living on terraced property, you might also have one. Yes, most of you would all have a chimney. But hands up those of you who use these chimneys on a regular basis. And how many of you actually go up there. Neglecting that chimney can have damaging consequences for your home if neglected for long periods of time.

And when that happens, others put it to good use. Used or not, the chimney is warm enough for little birds to nest in in season. But they have got to go. As much as you love them, they can do damage to your chimney as well. There must be other parts of the home or garden where they can go to to be made to feel welcome. No need to read them the riot act, just clean your darn chimney already. But congratulations are also in order.

Congratulations to those of you who are actually putting the chimney to good use, especially during cold winter months. But again, how many of you actually take good care of your chimney stack and its insides? The more regularly you use it, the dirtier it will become, surely that much is obvious to you. And if your home is quite old, the chimney will also be wearing and tearing over time. No matter what its age; chimney relining should also be considered.

Special digital scopes are used to get to the nitty gritty corners of the chimney that you would not be able to reach on your own. So, yes, you don’t need to clean the chimney yourself, but do get a specialist to take care of the necessary deeds.